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Just think of us as your in-house IT department.

At Binarium, we aim to provide our customers with complete IT solutions. One phone call or email to our helpdesk and we will ensure a swift and timely resolution to your problem. No matter how big or small, we have a solution for any SMB Business out there.

Business Essentials

The IT infrastructure is integral to any organization. We specialize in providing network infrastructure services. Some of the components are listed below.

  • Networking

    At the base of the IT infrastructure lies the Network. Any network consists of switches, routers, firewalls and cabling. We have experience dealing with multiple vendors in all parts of the networking world. Whether it is deploying a router, a layer 3 switch or setting up remote connectivity (VPN) into the office, our expert technical staff can get it done.

  • Email & Collaboration Suite

    Business today is heavily dependant on Email. Our collaboration suite not only gives you webmail that you can access from anywhere, it also provides you with integrated calendars, address book, briefcase to store your files as well as instant messaging and Social networking all from a web interface or any of the popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook.

  • Spam Filtering

    Unsolicited mail is referred to as SPAM and we don't get any of it. Why? Because we use state of the art SPAM filtering technology and we can help you filter our 'Junk' from your Inbox.

  • Blackberry Mobile Fusion

    Need wireless synchronization for your mobile smart devices? We have a hosted solution for you. Get up and running in no time with our hosted Blackberry Enterprise Service and enjoy wireless synchronization of your contacts, calendars, tasks and of course Email.

  • Cloud Backup

    We offer storage in the cloud where you could store all your Business Critical data with complete peace of mind. Just set it and forget it. With per seat licensing as well as site wide licensing, you can pick and choose the level of backup coverage your need.

Phone Systems

Even with all the advancements in technology, the Telephone is still an extremely userful tool to get things done.

  • Asterisk

    Asterisk is an open source feature packed IP phone system. Asterisk has standard features like voicemail-to-email, conferences, follow-me, meet-met, SIP/IAX VoIP trunks and remote extensions just to name a few. Not only does it fares well in terms of features but it also comes at a fraction of the cost of the propietary phone systems.

Hardware Services

Hardware can be optimized to run for a longer period of time with proper proactive maintenance. We not only offer complete hardware care while it is running but also help you recycle it with minimal impact to the environment.

  • Hardware Cleaning

    Dust is the number one cause for computer hardware failure. This is why at Binarium, we offer quarterly proactive maintenance cycle to all of our clients where our technicians power down and clean all computer equipment.

  • Hardware Recycling

    At Binarium, we are environmentally conscious and can help you recycle all your old electronic and computer equipment. We even work with local charities that may be able to reuse the computer equipment that is sent to us for recycling.

ERP Solutions

  • OpenERP

    OpenERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial management and Human Resources just to name a few. Ask us how good it is. Why? Because we use it to run our company.

Managed Services

Wouldn't it be great if you wouldn't have to worry about IT?

  • Proactive Monitoring

    With out 24x7 proactive monitoring solutions, our support staff gets notified of potential problems before they arise. Since we can't always predict a failure, we respond quickly to any unexpected issues day or night.

Always on the cutting edge.

We are always on the look out for the latest advancements in Technology to bring to our customers. This also amounts to a wide range of products that we carry and support. We've got the experience, knowledge, and the tools to do it right the first time. Below are just a few of the things we love to work with.


  • Desktops / Laptops

    Seems like everyone wants a tablet these days. However, as fun and versatile they can be, you cant replace your desktop/laptop with them just as yet. We sell, service and support laptops and desktops from all major vendors and can customize one for you today according to your budget or technical specifications.

  • Servers

    Perfect for Small businesses, our entry level server line up offers an inexpensive yet powerful and stable hardware platform. These single socket server feature DDR3 memory and basic remote administration features.

    When power and redundancy is required, our mid-range line up offers the best bang for the buck! With dual processor sockets with capability to host top of the line hex core processors, blazing fast Memory, and multiple RAID sets in a 16 disk enclosure.

    For some serious horse power you should consider the high end server which can be hardware clustered to provide 128 Cores and aproximately 4 TB of RAM

  • IBM Blade Center and Blades

    For the best density options in a data center environment, consider the IBM Blade Center.


Designed to deliver advanced functionality at a breakthrough price, these systems provide an exceptional solution for storage applications such as email, file, print and Web servers, as well as collaborative databases and remote boot for diskless servers. Whether you are look for 10 TB of super fast shared storage, or 1 Peta Byte, we have a solution for You!

  • IBM® System Storage® DS3500 Express

    IBM has combined best-of-breed development with leading host interface and drive technology in the IBM System Storage DS3500 Express. With next-generation 6 Gbps SAS back-end and host technology, you have a seamless path to consolidated and efficient storage—improving performance, flexibility, scalability, data security and ultra-low power consumption—while not sacrificing simplicity, affordability, or availability.

  • IBM Storwize V7000

    IBM Storwize V7000 is an innovative new storage offering that delivers essential storage efficiency technologies and exceptional ease of use and performance – all integrated into a compact, modular design that’s offered at a competitive, midrange price. Storwize V7000 also allows you to virtualize and reuse existing disk systems, supporting a greater potential return on investment (ROI).

  • IBM System Storage DS8000

    The IBM System Storage® DS8000® offers high-performance, high-capacity, secure storage systems that are designed to deliver resiliency and total value for the most demanding, heterogeneous storage environments.


If you are looking for a specific Software, whether commercial or open source, we can help with not only licensing and support but also offer analysis on what the best product would be to achieve your Business Goals. We have product knowledge in nearly all aspects of Business divisions whether it be logistics, HR, Accounting etc. If we dont already have a solution for your business case, we can custom code one to fit your needs.

  • Open Source Software

    We have inhouse specialties in various disciplines that make up the open source community. Whether its programming you need or Linux application or OS support. Some of the technologies we support:

    • Samba, NFS
    • Sendmail, Postfix
    • MailScanner, MailWatch
    • Apache, MySQL
    • PHP, Python, Perl, BASH
    • Squid, SquidGuard, SARG
    • BIND, DHCP
    • Zimbra, Cyrus, Dovecot
    • System Updates / Upgrades
  • Commercial Software

    Since not all Software is free and Open Source, We also provide licenses for commercial software as well as support. So, if you are looking to get Simply Accounting or just need 1 or 100 Office licenses, we can not only get the licenses for you but also get the software installed and if you need some training for your users we can provide that too.

We love what we do

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