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The 3 Biggest Ways Moving To The Cloud Impacts The Way You Do Business

Are you a business owner, or executive who is tired of having your team’s productivity zapped by waiting around for their systems? Do you want to empower them to work remotely, with full access to their systems without interruption?


In this article we’ll discuss how shifting to the cloud can impact the way you do business, and the ways that empowers your team to do more.


What do we mean by shifting to the cloud? This can take a lot of forms, but in this context we’re talking about moving your data and your applications, and make them accessible from anywhere.


Dropboxes and Google Drive allow you to move data to a remote server, but not your applications. While you can download and upload your files from everywhere (which is awesome) you can’t remotely manage you system proactively, as if you were in-office using your desktop.


A true cloud migration allows you to move the software on your computer - Quickbooks, your CRM, your office applications, or anything else you use that is installed on a computer, and make it accessible to your team no matter where they are.

Know you need help and that you're ready to migrate to the cloud? Book a call with one of our experts here.

Why Is This Important?

Consider it this way - you wouldn’t keep your family’s life savings in a wall safe in your home. You trust a bank to store that in their vault, along with the savings of countless other people in your community. They have the resources, systems and means to protect your savings.


Your data is a lot like your life savings. If a fire or flood hit your home, or someone broke in and took it one day, you would have a hard time building it back up. Moving your information to the cloud provides stability, security and options! By having your data and applications on the cloud, you are able to access it from anywhere, but importantly, other people aren’t able to!


Working with a company that is responsible for your information means you’re protected. Chances are you don’t have the in-house team to ensure your system is being monitored for potential issues. Our team is constantly watching your servers to ensure it is safe.


There are three key advantages to moving your information to the cloud.

1) Improve Your Performance

First and foremost is performance and reliability. Almost every business we’ve worked with is running their team on consumer-grade hardware. While home-use and business-use computers have come a long way in recent years, they cannot match the performance of enterprise-grade systems.


Enterprise-grade systems are server systems that have much more powerful components. They have the capacity to handle a lot more data, and they are designed to last much longer. The reliability comes from redundancies - there are duplicates of each of the same components you would find in the consumer-grade electronics working in tandem, to improve performance.


It is cost-prohibitive to outfit all of your team members with enterprise-grade hardware in-house. However, making use of an enterprise solution that is shared, allows you to access enterprise-grade machinery at a significantly lower cost.

2) Availability & Remote Access

The second most important reason someone would consider moving to the cloud is that businesses are, more and more, shifting to remote work.


Employees are interested in having the option of working remotely some of the time. This leads to higher employee morale, as you promote an easier work-life balance.


However, it can be challenging to outfit them with all of the tools that they need in order to be productive to work remotely. You want to make sure that they are just as efficient working from home as they are when they work in the office.


If you are able to break down the geographical barriers, there is a significant savings to the employer. This allows you to shift your staff from having set offices to “hotelling desks” which people come and go as needed. However, they can have their own login access that stores all of their data wherever they go, promoting efficiency and timely work while still ensuring benefit #3...

3) Consistent Security & Protection

The systems we have set up for our clients ensure stable access to their data without allowing other people in.


Any server that is connected to a network can be hacked. However, it is much more effective to have a dedicated hosting system that is proactively monitored by a dedicated team who makes your security their job.


Here are just a few of the measures that are put in place by your data protection team.


First and foremost - our team backs our data with the most effective firewalls possible. The intention is to ensure that you have systems on hand to keep intruders out. This is made even more effective by enforcing black-out countries - our team ensures that individuals attempted to access your data from non-approved locations are proactively blocked before you are even involved.


We also consistently do tracking to ensure that the users who have been into your system. We manually review your systems periodically to provide a report that your system is only being accessed by the right individuals.


We also incorporate an AI solution that tracks your systems usage so you can make effective decisions about how your team is managing your tools.

Why Choose Us As Your Cloud Serv Provider?

So let me tell you just a little bit about how our solution provides additional value to your team:


  1. We set you up with a virtual desktop system that allows your team to work from anywhere.

  2. Using remote access, we are able to handle 99% of your IT needs immediately, but when you need us on site, our local team is only a call away. This ensures significant savings as you don’t need to request a site visit from your IT rep whenever you have a minor issue.

  3. We proactively back up your data and monitor your system, so you don’t have to tell us there is a problem, we’ll tell you when there WAS a problem that we’ve already fixed.


If this system is interesting to you, we would love to connect. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the only IT team you’ll ever need.


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